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22 Feb 2012

OOC Entry 14 - I finally have it

In my most recent OOC post I mentioned how dreams provide me with inspiration. Well, my wish to dream how I am supposed to end the story did not quite come true, but almost. On a morning, when I somewhat woke up but knew I had some time left, I directed my half-sleeping mind down the path that story took so far and let it out to play in it's semi-lucid state. Finally, I came up with an ending.

It will have a nice scene with Keram in it. I neglected him too much recently, so I wanted him to get his moment on stage. As you might have guessed from the cliffhanger of the last part, it will feature Sandrielle at her best (or is that at her worst). By the end of it, all the Awakened Industries capsuleers will have had their moment, but it will take it's toll.

Regarding RL: I recently watched the second Sherlock Holmes movie with my significant other. He just had to see it because Sherlock Holmes is his childhood hero, and I went along because I liked the first one. I also liked this one, but why did Irene Adler have to die <sob> The gypsy woman was a good female character, though, and I liked the fact that there was no stupid Hollywood love-story.

P.S. I hope I didn't spoil the movie for anyone by mentioning that Irene Adler dies. Then again, it happens in the first ten minutes of the movie, so it's not a big spoiler, mind you.

P.P.S. Those movies (and my man) made me want to read Sherlock Holmes stories now. I wonder what sort of inspirations I could get from the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (great name BTW)

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