This is a collection of short in-character fiction pieces about Awakened Industries, a group of capsuleers and their crews living in the enigmatic and dangerous regions of Wormhole Space in EVE Online. None of the protagonists are actual characters or corporations in-game. All similarities with persons fictional or real are possibly coincidental and only sometimes intentional. - Emergent Patroller

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21 Apr 2012

An Angel in Hell - Part 2

Nanites crawled through Slylera's spinal plugs and burrowed into her nervous system She could feel them like needles threading razor-wire through her flesh. Somewhere far away, she knew, her body twisted with tortured cramps and her mouth opened in a reflexive scream that would go unheard inside her liquid prison.

Sylera withdrew further into the deepest recesses of her mind. Or was she pushed? Evicted from her own consciousness. She almost wished it to be over so she could curl up in that dark isolation and stop feeling this agony. But here it was, where what remained of her would make it's last stand against the onslaught.

They had taken her sight and replaced it with a blinding storm of hypnotic patterns that razed her awareness. They had deafened her ears to everything but tortuous psycho-acoustics that shredded her mind. All her tactile senses had been turned into conduits for agonizing pain. Now they had sent machines into the very core of her nervous system.

For Sylera it had been a fighting retreat. Further and further away from that world of agony she had withdrawn, enduring as much as she could at every step. By now she had lost her sense of time. She found it hard to remember what it was like to have a physical form for anything else but to be a source of suffering. Her self-awareness flickered like a dying ember in the ashes of a scorched landscape. As if fanned by an invisible wind, her imagination suddenly flared into a manifestation of memory.


'May God help me with this.' Sylera prayed as she faced Sandrielle yet again on the practice floor.

The Gallente woman rose from her stance of readiness and glared at the young Amarrian. 'This is why you keep failing!' she berated her. 'You rely on a supposed force outside of yourself to help you, while you need to have the will and discipline within.'

Sylera frowned offended. 'My faith lends me strength and guidance.' she exclaimed defensively. 'Besides that, it offers me broader view of existence than your bland atheism.' she accused the other woman.

Sandrielle shook her head and continued in a more benevolent tone. 'You mistake my lack of faith in your god for a lack of spirituality.' she said in an attempt to bridge the gap between them. 'Have I not taught you many things that are deeply metaphysical.'

Sylera relaxed her stance as well, now that their sparring session was diverted from the physical to the mental. 'That may be so, but none of them have to do with faith.' she conceded.

'My intention is not to convert you or undermine your belief in god.' the older woman explained soothingly. 'Still, to master the skills I teach, you need to find the strength within yourself.' she paused when Sylera still looked at her defiantly. 'Doesn't your own scripture tell you that it pleases god if you develop yourself?'

'It is also written that excessive self-absorption leads to the sin of hubris.' Sylera retorted.

'And I would caution you against the same.' The Gallente woman readily answered. 'This does not have to be an argument about theology or faith.' Sandrielle continued after a pause. 'All I am asking of you, is to learn to focus your mind to fully control your body's actions. The earlier you realize that this has to come from inside of you, the more you will progress.' she smiled disarmingly then. 'Or do you think your god helps me of all people?'

'Clearly that can't be.' Sylera replied dryly.


Prakevi's dark eyes dispassionately regarded the lithe body contorting inside the pod under agonies he could only muse about with curiosity. He smoothed his shining black hair back with a slender hand, and looked at the readouts of his instrument console. 'What is the magnitude of pain those peak oscillations really represent' He wondered to himself. Questions about such extreme experiences always jabbed at his inquisitive mind.

His reflections were interrupted when he heard the heavy steps of the Lictor approach from behind. Prakevi straightened his thin body and turned to bow to the imposing robed figure. 'Your eminence.' he greeted deferentially.

Lictor Kel-Udar drew his bushy eyebrows together in the shadow of his cowl. 'How far is she?' he demanded curtly.

The Ni-Kunni scientist took a step to the side. With a graceful, sweeping gesture he presented the wide instrument panel with it's various reports and collected data. 'There is only very little of her that remains inside that body.' he announced with a voice as smooth and cultured as a silk scarf, and as deadly as the same article of clothing would be when used for strangulation.

'How long until you have achieved complete menticide?' the Lictor's grating baritone inquired further while the tall man leaned closer to check the readouts.

'It can't be longer than a day or two.' Prakevi replied with quiet confidence. Again he stroked over his black tresses with subconscious pride. 'I have begun to introduce nanites into her spinal cord, rebuilding her reflexive responses.' he continued and directed the attention of the Lictor to a particular status monitor showing the invasion of Sylera's vegetative system.

Kel-Udar reached into a pocket of his robe and retrieved a storage spindle of obvious Matari design. 'See to it, that you can make use of the schematics contained on here.' he commanded. 'They were used in the original experiment.'

The Ni-Kunni scientist looked at the storage-unit. An affronted expression cast a shadow over his bronze-skinned features. 'Your eminence' he began 'I must most humbly protest. Those are most certainly the inferiour results of those unsophisticated …'

'Enough.' Kel-Udar boomed at him and Prakevi seemed to shrink visibly before the large, broad-shouldered Lictor 'Those unsophisticated Matari managed to succeed with this. I order you to find a use for their results.'

Prakevi bowed deeply and presented his hands to receive the spindle. 'As you wish your eminence.' he replied. His face softened in obedience.


“That must be it. The sensor readouts point to this location” Shisei broadcast a three dimensional rendering of his sensor-scan across the channel.

“Looks like a mining colony.” Keram replied sceptically when he saw the cluster of interconnected asteroids dotted with several small constructions materialize before his mind's eye.

“It may seem so.” the Achura replied “But the thermal readouts indicate no significant industrial activity.”

“It probably was one, but has been re-purposed.” Cedrien agreed over the line. “Shisei, see whether you can bring us in closer.”

Slowly the long, flat shape of Shisei's Orca command ship began to turn and align on to a trajectory through the slowly rotating masses of mineral-rich asteroids. The three bulky mining barges floating close-by mirrored his maneuver while they kept their powerful drill-lasers trained on different drifting rocks, melting ores from stone as they went. For all intents and purposes the Awakened Industries fleet looked like yet another mining crew out to make a profit in this dangerous but rich environment beyond CONCORD controlled space.

“Why could we not have the mining ships flown by baseline-crews?” Alira complained over the fluid-router link. “I feel defenseless in this thing.”

“Because that would put too many lives at risk.” Cedrien reminded her. “We discussed this.” he added brusquely.

Inside her pod Alira's face displayed only a slight frown. As a result of the nerve-impulses diverted from her brain to the ship, the interiour lighting of the mining barge darkened significantly, but nobody was present in it's deserted halls to notice.

“It's your fault that you learned how to fly those rock-skips.” Keram taunted “If you hadn't, you could be out here with me trying to dodge asteroids and avoid getting decloaked.”

“Quiet! We have been spotted” Cedrien interrupted the Amarr pirate's provocations.

Casting fleeting shadows on the asteroids, a squadron of baroque-styled Amarr navy ships swooped in from behind one of the largest space-borne rocks. Weapon systems rose from recesses along their hulls and targeting sensors locked on to the ponderous mining ships.

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