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3 Jul 2012

OOC Entry 32 - The Jihad has ended

So here it is, the last chapter of the second longest story I ever wrote. At the beginning of the story, my most faithful reader splatus commented that he liked where that story was going.

I wonder whether he could foresee that end.

To be perfectly honest with you, I myself did not really know where the story was going by that point. All I knew was, that Sylera will repay the capsuleers and crews of Awakened Industries for all they suffered on her behalf, and I knew that Arrakh and his Arclight fleet will have a part to play before the story is over.

So now that I have broken my fourth wall and ground it's shattered remnants under my heel, I would like to know whether anyone was able to predict that end.

Well, I gave you are very big hint in Chapter 4, so basically you could see it coming, but very likely not in this specific way.

So, go an reading and find out.

Oh and before you complain about that being no real end because not all story threads have been tied up, I can tell you that I will write an epilogue piece next which will pick up the pieces after the dust has settled.

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