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9 Oct 2012

OOC Entry 49 - Ok I am a bit late

Hello dear readers.

So, my self-imposed schedule - which you can mostly rely on* - dictates that I release a new story chapter every week. Usually on the weekend.

The last one came last week monday, and this time it got pushed a bit further down the line again, but here it is.

This time I go a bit more into Arek'Jalaan  which I consider the greatest thing I ever experienced in terms of story-driven live content in EVE. Too bad it was discontinued. Maybe they will pick it up again. I'd really hope so.

I have also included a shoutout to the wonderful contribution Tech-4 News has made with their great recorded audio-episodes. If you have never heard of them or listened to them, I would really urge you to do so. You can find the first one here. If there is any RP-related EVE content that is worth being preserved for the posterity, this great contribution by a number of different people should be in the top-ranking spots.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. I wish I were as good or confident to undertake something like that.

I hope you enjoy it, and like my story too.

Fly creatively!

* mostly at night, mostly

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