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8 Mar 2013

OOC Entry 79 - Finally! A Double Feature

It has been a long time since I released another episode of my most recent story.

Too long.

At this pace I could almost be out-published by my friend Splatus who writes stories maybe once every two months.

I do somewhat make it up to you, dear readers, by releasing not one but two episodes at once.

I have first started to write in the hope that I could finish the story in one episode, but then I realized I forgot something and had to add it into the narrative. Then other things didn't fit anymore and the episode grew and grew.

In the end I decided to split it into two episodes.

Even though I split them up, they still became the longest single episodes I have written so far. I hope your eyes can take it while you read those walls of text.

Alltogether this was a story of superlatives. I have laboured for three months on it's completion, and as it stands now, it fills 34 pages. The longest thing I have ever written in my whole life. The whole series would not even fit onto one story feature page. If you want to read the whole thing, you actually have to jump to "Older Posts" after part 8 to get to part 9.

It has the longest description of a space battle I ever wrote. I have to admit I needed to compress a lot there. I didn't want to spend pages upon pages describing how this ship did that and another did something else, but went more for a description of an overall scenery and the developments on the field of battle. I also wanted to get some character development and introspection in there, which required even more space.

For the first time, the action is described from the point-of-view of Cedrien whom I have never used in this function before. On the outside, he goes for a daring strategy, but on the inside he is conflicted and riddled with angst which is a dichotomy that characterizes this protagonist for me: A man full of ideals, with a sharp mind and the freedom loving Gallente spirit, but on the other hand vulnerable and burdened by his responsibilities.

Now after more than two hours of editing a proofreading I feel exhausted but proud and happy I finally finished my 20th story.

Usually I read the story again after letting it sink in a bit (and usually I find a dozen new mistakes then) but I don't think I will have the strength for that now. So for better or worse, I am letting them stand there now as they are.

Even if the story is long and there might be mistakes or things that can be improved upon, I can promise you that it is pretty fitting for the ending of a story that has built up over such a long time.

In the end very little will remain of what has been, and then of course there is a surprise that you as the reader will most likely  have seen coming, but none of the players on stage would even consider possible.

I most sincerely hope you enjoy the conclusion.

I guess I'll follow it up with an epilogue where the pieces will be picked up ... and there will be many because a lot gets broken.

Again if you missed the links in the text

Engineering Peace - Part 8
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