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11 Jun 2014

OOC Entry 110 - Back on the Battlefield

After an extended holiday I am back on the battlefield, and I mean this in more than one way. On the one hand I have returned to the scenery of devastation that I left behind at the end of my last story, on the other hand I return after a round of rather turbulent things have happened in the world of CCP Games.

Of course, if you are reading this blog I am pretty sure you already know about the cancellation of World of Darkness and the further layoffs that were more recent.

I would love to say I am surprised, but I am not.

It is my personal experience both from military and professional experience that many endeavours that are thought up by higher ups often work out not because their idea was so incredibly good, but because they manage to motivate those who need to do the actual work. Sometimes those people are motivated themselves, sometimes they are even demotivated by their leaders but they still keep going because of personal conviction, professionalism, dedication to a cause or any number of other personal reasons.

If the decisions of the leaders are wrong, then it is often the lower ranks who have to suffer. In wars they die, get injured or have to endure a lot, and in business they can lose their job.

I myself have long become a very cynical person with absolutely no trust in any leadership whatsoever. This is also the main reason why I have never become part of any nullsec alliance in EVE. I simply have nothing but a sour smirk left for all those people leading their space empires. How could I become enthusiastic about something in a game world which I feel disillusioned about in real life already?

I also never felt any loyalty to CCP. They make the game which I liked to play, and they created the universe I like to write fiction about. Apart from that I could not care less about who they are and what they do. Personally I am sure they have a lot of dedicated people there (there are numerous testimonies confirming that too) and I am equally sure that their senior management are a bunch of people who consider themselves to be more important than they are.

Nothing new there as far as I am concerned.

That general attitude was what attracted me to life in Wormhole Space and more specifically it kept me there when our celebrity leader left us and the man who took over mainly lead on paper but he was just one of us. Sticking to my friends, my lovers, my family, my comrades and colleagues, that is something I can live for.

I do wish that all the continuing players of EVE get the development they hope for. I hope that Valkyrie and Legion will not be unrealistic pipe dreams that get scrapped before they can develop properly so more people can enjoy an immersive gaming experience in that universe.

I myself will stay in my little corner over here and continue to write stories. Right now it is a quiet corner because my fellow blogger is moonlighting on Evenews24 and Crossing Zebras and now it is him who is on holiday.

Of course I had my moments of inspiration while travelling around, and there is enough to pick up. What happened at the end when the Nyx changed hands? Did they win against the Hive? Have they managed to transfer Sandrielle into a new clone? What will happen with Awakened Industries anyway now?

That's what I am going to deal with in the next few days when I write my next chapter.

Until then.


  1. "That general attitude was what attracted me to life in Wormhole Space and more specifically it kept me there when our celebrity leader left us and the man who took over mainly lead on paper but he was just one of us. "

    And we still miss you.

  2. Welcome black! "Can't" wait for the story update. And maybe some pics or tales from your travels? :-)

  3. Thank you guys :) I meant what I wrote there too Orea.
    The story is up and I am not sure what I should think about it. It's quite emotional to the point of being cheesy.

    Couldn't help it and had to bring in some darkness at the end though.

  4. Just started reading this blog; enjoying it; keep doing more