This is a collection of short in-character fiction pieces about Awakened Industries, a group of capsuleers and their crews living in the enigmatic and dangerous regions of Wormhole Space in EVE Online. None of the protagonists are actual characters or corporations in-game. All similarities with persons fictional or real are possibly coincidental and only sometimes intentional. - Emergent Patroller

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8 Nov 2011

Angels and Demons

Sylera completed the testing procedure and sent the mental command to disconnect herself from the neural interface. The umbilicals of the capsule-control emulator snapped out of her spinal plugs and withdrew automatically back into the remote-control apparatus she stood at. As her vision returned to normal she nodded in silent approval at the long wedge-shaped expanse of ship hull stretched out above her, suspended by the docking gantries.

'I told you it was in top condition.' Keram mumbled from where he reclined on a stack of boxes, with an irritated undertone in his voice. They spoke to each other in the precisely defined and complex Amarr language. Sylera noted, though, how much Keram's pronunciation had suffered from the long time he had spent among foreigners.

'The ship is not new anymore' Sylera flatly stated as she pulled her white-and-gold dress-blouse back over her shoulders and buttoned it.

'Hey, I'd have liked watching you standing there in your underwear for some more time.' Keram said with deliberately overacted disappointment. 'What's up with wearing Sandrielle's stuff anyway? Are you going all girly on each other, exchanging clothes and such?' he added derisively.

Sylera shot him an angry look while she powered down the remote control. 'As you might remember, you found me with no clothes, and I wasn't going to walk around in those utility-coveralls forever.' she said haughtily.

Keram displayed a grimace of bewilderment on his rough-featured visage 'You could have said something. We flew out to buy a ship for you after all.' he shook his head 'It's not like some clothes would have cost that much more'

Sylera then realized, with a strange feeling of uneasiness, that the thought had never occurred to her. She looked down at herself. The long-sleeved white blouse with it's golden print of stylized vines, was cut to emphasize her slender waist, but failed at it for being at least one size too big. The smoke-gray pants also featured the golden vine motif and were equally designed to closely hug the curves of a taller woman. In her case it hung loose, and the trouser-cuffs were crumpled at the ankles above the soft-soled shoes. 'Why did she make me wear her clothes?' Sylera thought puzzled.

She dispelled the confusion by shaking her head quickly and got back to the subject at hand
'In any case, the ship is used. The systems indicate a series of repairs and overhauls.' she said sternly while she walked over where Keram lay sprawled lewdly on that stack of equipment crates.

'Well, be thankful for that, we got it at a bargain price. Pilgrim hulls are not cheap, and you're going to work it off.' he shook an errant strand of hair out of his face 'You're not in the Empire anymore where they toss you guys stuff like that “for the cause”.' he added with a smug grin.

Sylera's face showed a momentarily pained expression at the realization, that she would probably never be able to return to her former life.'Well, then it's for the best that I saved ISK on clothes too.' she retorted angrily, but it sounded more like she needed to explain it to herself, rather than throw a counter at Keram.

'Whatever you say mylady' the young outlaw said mockingly 'Anyway, let's eat.' He sat up and produced two synthetic meals from a satchel he had brought. The contents of the heat-insulated pack began to steam with a catalytic reaction immediately after he had ripped off the cover. Sylera sat down modestly on a working stool and opened her ration container.

'Can you believe this stuff' Keram moaned as he listlessly began to eat the artificially flavoured nutrient broth with the provided plastic spoon 'I hope we soon find an exit to somewhere in Gallente space. The cooking of the Jin-Mei on Chandeille is just amazing.' he looked up from the unimpressive meal. 'Real food, not this synthetic crap.'

'To desire things which God has not provided on your path is the root of greed.' Sylera reproachfully quoted from scripture.

Keram laughed out loud and threw his hands up in a dismissive gesture 'Spare me your religious mores' he settled down and looked directly at her with his twinkling black eyes. 'You think I have an issue with greed? Hell I used to be a pirate. I live by greed.' he said more earnestly.

'So why did you stop?' Sylera asked curtly between two spoonfuls.

Keram was strangely confounded by the question 'Well … you know' he began haltingly. 'Well, whatever the reason, still doesn't mean I am interested in your scripture babble, all right.' he shot back at her defensively.


Sandrielle watched the unmatched pair of young Amarrians from the observation room high above them with a concentrated look on her face. Her senses acknowledged the opening of the door and recognized Cedrien's footsteps as he approached to stand beside her.

'What is it about this girl that interests you so much?' he asked in their native Gallente tongue, blending the syllables together smoothly as it was characteristic for his Sinq-Laison regional accent.
Sandrielle emitted a brief, thoughtful hum and opened her mouth to speak. '… and don't talk to me with that voice.' Cedrien added in a severe tone. 'I am not as ignorant about your psycho-acoustic techniques as you might think' he revealed.

'In all honesty, Cedrien.' Sandrielle answered him, speaking plainly 'It is devotion.' she gestured briefly at the woman below 'A young woman like her, uprooted and robbed of her purpose, is like an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Give her a cause and something to aspire to, and she will do whatever it takes.'

Cedrien tilted his head and narrowed his eyes slightly with an inquisitive look at the woman next to him. 'Did you have a hand in this Sandrielle?' he asked slowly. 'In her ending up stuck here with us, I mean.'

Sandrielle turned her head and smiled at him softly 'And if it were so, what would that change now?' She stepped back from the observation window and faced him directly. 'I need an angel to balance my demon Cedrien' she said with an expression as open and unguarded as he had ever seen on her face. Then she briskly walked past him to leave.

Cedrien remained standing there for a few moments and pondered the implications of her words.
'No kidding' he muttered to himself before he walked out as well.

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