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29 Apr 2012

OOC Entry 20 - Menticide

So the next installment of my latest story is out there, and it looks pretty grim for our protagonists.

Since I used the term in the story, I thought I should explain what menticide means:

[fr. L. ment-, mens; mind + cidium, killing]
The undermining or destruction of a person's mind or will, esp. by systematic means such as mental and physical torture, extensive interrogation, suggestion, training, and narcotics: brainwashing

It's a torture technique not necessarily used for interrogation, but for breaking down a subject to make them dysfunctional or prepare them for complete reconditioning. Even though I am not sure whether the latter is not just a myth that exists mainly in spy fiction.

In the cold-war era such techniques have been used by both sides against political opponents or intelligence operatives, mostly to neutralize them. There are strong allusions that similar techniques are used today against prisoners in Guantanamo.

Don't even ask me why I am familiar with things like that. I just thought it would make sense to explain the word before some reader goes like "what the hell is this all about?"

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