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28 Jul 2012

OOC Entry 36 - A Keram Story

So far I have featured all of my characters quite prominently. Alira is a central character in many scenes. Cedrien got his moments of deep distress and tactical genius. There was one short story told entirely from the viewpoint of Shisei. Sandrielle always appears as the schemer behind everything and of course Sylera had to go through a lot as the plot driver for quite a few stories.

In all of this I have only used Keram here and there as a sideline character. He had his moments every once in a while, but he never got his own story.

I decided to change that, and I even got excited feedback on the idea.

To not make it completey about him, I paired him with Alira. They appeared as a pair in one of the very first scenes I ever wrote, and I always liked the contrast between the uncouth but likable Amarr pirate and the strong-willed but socially inept Minmatar engineer.

It is very easy for me to write about Alira, because she is in many ways like myself. Keram is another story. He's a man of course, but not simply just a man. He is a guy with an attitude, a killer, a macho, a pirate of New Eden. In short, he is nothing like me, but in a way I like him and I enjoy imagining him. When I saw Game of Thrones and later read the books, I found that Bronn had a lot i common with the way I imagined Keram. (mind you I imagined him before I ever heard of R.R. Martin's works) Damn the two guys even look somewhat similar (Keram has nicer hair though)

So here it is, the first story with Amarr deviant extraordinaire Keram Themas as it's main character.

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