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27 Aug 2012

OOC Entry 42 - Another story finished

So there it is, the final part of the story about Keram's ordeal at the hands of a Caldari corporate executive who - one can say in all fairness - became pretty insane with her desire for revenge and her loss of perspective.

My take on Caldari society is, that it could drive people to such desperate extremes. It is a society where achievement means everything, and loss is final. If you fall, there is nobody to pick you up, and all you once were turns to nothing.

That is the situation where Tomoe Sairinen finds herself in the story, and she channels all of that into torturing Keram for hours and hours until there is nothing left of him.

Kassina Vikkonen is her counterpoint in this. A woman with a single-track mind who will just do whatever it takes to get a job done. Even ally herself with the companion of the criminal she is actually hunting. She is just too sober and pragmatic to become crazy. She makes a bold move in this last episode, though, and future stories will tell how that works out for her.

After all, the last Caldari who had an encounter with Awakened Industries found himself in a rather unexpected situation.

Also, the shadowy threat of the Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order makes surfaces again in this last chapter. After all, they have not forgotten who has beaten back the mercenaries they sent, destroyed one of their research stations and killed every single person on it.

I have to say I like using the Amarr as villains. They just fit into the role so nicely: A powerful old Empire of people who spell truth with a 'T' and are ruled by decadent noble houses. Where you have slavery, mind-control drugs, a repressive society and an overall sense of self-righteousness at the foundation of it all.

Who could make a better villain.

On the other hand, I would like to write some stuff about evil Gallente too. Sure they are liberal and hedonistic and have great food and fancy architecture, but they are also crafty schemers and cruel enemies who devastate planets if you get ideas about independence. Not all is nice that is Gallente.

In any case. This most recent story will have a short epilogue which I very much hope to finish before I will be off on a two week vacation. There I will tie up a few lose ends and put in some character development I guess.

So all the bloodthirsty readers who just want to read about space battles and torture and brutal fights in toilets where a guy's privates are hanging out can skip that one ;)


  1. Just wanted to say Thanks! for your stories! And if I'm (as usual) a month or two behind in reading them, it only means that I can catch up on a whole arc in one go whenever I'm in a the mood for some prolonged reading.

  2. Thank you very much. I have to say I also enjoy your witty little pieces a lot. They always make me smile.