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28 Dec 2012

OOC Entry 65 - The gathering

So in the previous chapter Commodore Sivaata and Uinkin Hrul returned as players on the stage. The new chapter features an almost all Caldari cast of support characters including a reader favorite. In the end we quickly return to two of our main protagonists and the whole affair becomes a bit more fast paced in it's switches between scenes and characters.

To not make this dialogue and plot development only, I decided to put a bit of spaceship action in there. Everyone likes exploding spaceships, right?

Well maybe Mabrick doesn't. He just builds the weapons others use to destroy ;P

I even went with the times and worked a bit of a hint to the Retribution changes in there from an in-universe perspective. I like to use those little details like getting the colours of the suns in the systems I name right, and placing scenes in the appropriate locations. The real EVE lore geeks will notice that I took one small liberty with a location, but I am sure the majority will not notice.

Can you point it out?

For the next story episode I have something of an experiment in mind. I have basically gone through it in my mind already.

Oh and then there's my friend splatus hinting that he might cross over into my story.

I am curious whether anything comes of that.

Personally I think Lydie could eventually end up in Sandrielle's hands. She is good at picking up damaged goods ;)

Be that as it may ... I was fretting a lot about the oh-so-artificially-significant-because-it's-a-round-number 20th story, but I am beginning to develop a clearer and clearer picture about where it will go, and I am starting to like what I see.

Stay tuned, I'm on a roll.

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