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12 Jan 2013

OOC Entry 68 - I missed a week

Because of a week-long work assignment I didn't manage to publish the next chapter of my latest story last weekend as was my intention, but here it is.

I said I was going to experiment a bit, and I did by having a large part of the story being told in the style of a first-person account, something I personally find very difficult to do.

Like the other time I did this, the narrator is Caldari, and I always figured that the Caldari would use many figures of speech that are business-related because corporations are the backbone of their society. So the way how the narrator expresses things might come across as weird, but that's absolutely intentional.

I am already on the fourth episode for that story and still the narrative is mostly about setting the stage. This time another support character from previous stories makes his appearance as the plot thickens.

By now I have the whole cast assembled, and in the next episode, things will really get into full swing.

I shall see to it, that the next episode will be published in a timely fashion, so you can expect it to be online next weekend.

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