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12 Feb 2013

OOC Entry 73 - Dreaming and waking up in a storm

When I wrote the first part of my most recent episode I had just woken up in the middle of the night from a very weird dream in which I was one person that was actually three different people. Not like schizophrenia or so, but really, actually three different physical people who kept changing form from one to the other but retained the same consciousness while still having different personalities.

The fact that one of them was a cranky old man made things even more interesting than they already were.

With that experience fresh in my mind I sat down in the wee hours of last Thursday and wrote that first one and a half pages. I needed something like that to help me writing that part, and you will see why.

From that dream state, things immediately switch to full-on wakefulness in the middle of a firestorm. As you might remember, if you read the last installment, Cedrien, Sandrielle, Keram and Shisei abandoned Hegomir Torstan and the other two capsuleer women with the Awakened Preserver to warp directly into a battle with the Janissary order.

Well that comprises the second part of the story which I wrote today in a completely different mindset.

I still find it difficult to write space battle action scenes, but they should have a place in EVE related fiction. Still, I am always worried about the pacing and whether a reader can make sense of what is happening.

I guess they turn out a lot like the way space battles feel in EVE to anyone who is not super proficient at them. Lock something and shoot at it, get locked, get hit, see something else on the overview, get several different sorts of inputs at the same time about what is happening, and then you either make it out or you explode.

In the end this turned out to be the longest chapter so far, filling over three pages. Then again there are a lot of linebreaks in there. The wordcount only makes it a bit above average.

Maybe it just feels longer because lots of stuff is going on.

I hope you enjoy reading

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