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24 Jun 2013

OOC Entry 86 - It's not like you need to know, but ...

... for the time being I have decided to not play EVE.

... or any computer games for that matter.

What my recent experience has brought home to me is that our lives are just so short and the thread we are spinning through time can be snapped at the most unexpected moments. Of course I sort-of intellectually processed that before. It even sunk deep to an emotional level when I faced possible death in a warzone. Still, nothing of the sort prepares you for the moment it actually happens that you come within a hair's breadth to actually dying.

So, life turned into a thing too precious to me right now to squander behind a computer screen.
I am telling myself that there well be plenty of time to do that when I am old and infirm, but while I am still young (ha! pushing 40) and able bodied (as in completely atrophied after months of inactivity forced upon me) I should be doing something more active with my life.

So I decided to get pregnant, have some children and settle down in a nice countryside home.


Ok I am just kidding. I have decided quite some time ago that motherhood is not my thing.

I did decide that I want to fully focus on my physical recovery and then go see some stuff in this world. Beautiful things and exciting things that are not made of pixels or part of an escapist fantasy.

I do want to continue writing stories though, because I enjoy the experience and can do it in my own time. Recently I re-read all of the stuff I wrote to get back into the mindset again, and I started writing a sequel already.

You can expect it up here soon.

It will be my lifeline to EVE Online, and who knows, maybe one day that lifeline will reel me back in.

Until then, I hope you continue reading and fly creatively.


  1. I think the expression is "You just won EVE." :)

    Seriously, that is a good plan - and I'm looking forward to your future writings!

  2. Argh, abandoned by the director I was most likely to die in lowsec with! Well, the only director I ever *went* to lowsec with, but who's counting.

    There will always be a place in our corp for you when and if you come back. And you have lifetime access to come hang out with us in jabber/teamspeak/forums. Until then you have to come to Scotland and drink lots with me. Half the corp who went to Fanfest (while you made some poor excuse about a coma) are here and we'll have a mini fanfest to make it up some for you.

    Oh, and gifts will be in the post soon, once I figure out what the hell to get you now you quit eve.

    Bon voyage, mon amis.

    1. The correct female form is "mon amie" :P

      Thanks for the heartfelt comment. I will do my best to be around. You all meant much to me in those years.

    2. Keep telling you, bees!

  3. You will be missed. Taking a break is very understandable though. Try not to get podded while in RL, and make sure to stop by Jabber, TeamSpeak, and the forums from time to time.

  4. Olari Vanderfall28 June 2013 at 15:15

    So glad you're doing well. I'll miss your conversation. Hopefully your fascination with knives has not dwindled. Stay in touch.

  5. Nothing more to add other than my own heartfelt best wishes and a speedy recovery. And do take up Orea's offer of a trip to scotland - just don't expect everyone to wash twice in the same year..

  6. Thank you all for the well wishing. I also heard that you have been really nice to my friend who I have put in custody of my accounts. That nullsec drone even made it out of a wormhole alive thanks to your help :D

  7. Well, I hope you come back eventually. I'm perfectly happy squandering my life away behind a computer, but then I have my pets and I have friends there. Of course some people would say you can't make real friends online, but look at the response you got from the corp and I should hope you don't feel like you can say that.

    Not that I wouldn't travel given the chance(5 cats and 2 dogs makes it very difficult), just balancing with some gaming time too. Of course I don't know how hard your physio is and hence how much you'd be able to do for a while but still.

    Just remember, come to Scotland, and arrange to meet the strange people you met on eve!

  8. Aurelie, its been an honor flying with you - and I know this is not the last we hear from you. As Oreamnos put it, EVE is more a Hobby than a game and it can be dialed up and down as it fits into the real life (what ever that is). I hope that we stay in touch outside the game (you have my email address, yes?) and I am looking forward to read your stories here. You got me into this fiction writing thing, so you can't stop before me. I still have a score to settle with some Amarian pirate...

    For myself, my real life (whatever that is) limits me to about 2-4 / week of in-game time and while I miss the game, I miss the people more. At the moment, I keep my accounts active in the hope that some day things will slow down and I can jump back in.

    Fly safe and enjoy the fresh air.