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6 Jul 2013

OOC Entry 89 - Protagonist Deconstruction

Finally I found the time to continue my story.

One might think that without going to work and being physically weak, there's plenty of time for everything, but somehow I manage to fill my day with all kinds of things. Mostly physical training which is making progress.

But I don't want to write about myself. I want to write about the story.

So far I have put almost all of my protagonists through some sort of crisis. Keram had his past catch up with him and the consequences were pretty painful. Cedrien had to endure some pretty heavy emotional trauma. Sylera found herself ripped from the society she was dedicated to and then of course things turned even worse. Alira generally has her moments of weakness when she is losing control over herself, and of course now she is in an uncertain state being merged with Sleeper consciousness.

I did leave Shisei alone coming to think of it. Then again he's such a calm and balanced character. Well I guess eventually he will have his moment of crisis too.

The one who stands out most, however, is probably Sandrielle. She went through lots of dangerous situations and she certainly has terrible things happen to her in her past, but during all the stories she is always in control. She's always one step ahead of everyone else, she outwits and outfights every opponent so far, and nobody can break through her emotional barriers.

That ends now.

Enjoy :)

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