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9 Aug 2013

OOC Entry 93 - Past Nightmares

I just published the next chapter of my newest story and the plot thickens.

I have deliberated quite a bit here. How extreme I should get with this episode which features part of Sandrielle's nightmarish past? I already had ideas of cannibalism and quite horrible sexual torture involving minors.

I must have been channelling Hiroaki Samura's Bradherley's Coach

In the end I decided to make it significantly less gruesome. After all, I don't want my blog to get banned!

It did occur to me, that I should probably put some sort of age warning on the whole thing. Not that I expect anyone who doesn't play EVE to find it, but you never know, Google indexes everything.

I guess it would not really serve the purpose of keeping minors away - after all, which 13 year old will be deterred by a warning that basically says "attention really gross and scary stuff inside?"

I reckon the whole thing is just for the purpose of protection against anyone who would find this blog and have some issue with it. Then I could point at the warning and say "But look, it says that it's not suitable for minors. It's not my fault that your child is now a nervous wreck after reading that."

I'll put that age warning there now, just in case.

For those of you who are mature enough to deal with scary stories, and who don't mind having your imagination taken to dark places. I hope you enjoy how the story goes on.

The episode ends with a really beautiful and emotional scene BTW, so it's not all dark and horrible.

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