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6 Jan 2014

OOC Entry 103 - The long neglect

Hello dear readers who are still out there and have not lost faith in me.

I can tell you with no little sense of relief that nothing horrible has happened to me this time.

I just drifted out of touch and have neglected my precious story blog that is so incredibly popular that by now hundreds of fans have committed suicide in desperation because my story did not continue.

I guess that brings me back down to an actual readership of three.

It was fun imagining having lots and lots of angsty fans for a moment there though. Then again, I reckon most EVE players would be more likely to throw themselves off a building if CCP nerfs their favourite ship rather than when some random fanfic writer goes AWOL :D

Anyway, here I am, back on the job and finally finishing the Metamorphosis story arc.

So by the end of that episode you will know how Sandrielle became who she is and what her connection with Rasenzoku (Or as they would call themselves: The Rasen Zoku) actually is.

At the end of this story, things will go back to the present day and there is a hint of things to come.

Now that I have recommitted to writing, I promptly proceeded to write myself into a corner where I have to come up with something really ingenious.

Well, let's see what I can come up with.

Also, at this late hour where insomnia and nervousness about my first day at work after nine months keep me awake, I have made a decision: I want to invite a friend to write blogposts about in-game stuff here while I keep writing fiction.

Since I am not playing EVE anymore, I feel a bit weird writing about the in-game experience. Since I am not as amazing as The Mittani and do not have hundreds of young men to do my bidding in-game while I never log in, I wont have that much to write about.

Then again, if I had that many young men at my command, I would have them massage my shoulders and shave my legs while I am reclining in a massive bathtub that they built for me, rather than force them to kill spacepixels.

I guess that's another difference between me and The Mittani.

Anyway, I have a poor bastard in mind who will be forced to fill this blog with non-fictional content while I shave my legs myself.

I hope I can convince him. If it works out, you should seen an introductory post by him soon.

Happy New Year!


  1. Khm. Who are those 3 readers? Don't count me twice. X'D

    1. Noooo, I would never cheat like that!

      I rather counted myself as one of them :)

    2. Oh, and by the way: I'm glad to see that you are still there. Thank you for all the faith in me.

  2. Ah, good, that means that roll call is complete!

  3. Count me in as well please. Make that 4 :)

    Glad to have you back, glad the blog gets content and glad you are doing well.


    1. Hello Epigene

      Glad to read something from you. I noticed that your own blog got quite an overhaul and also some third party contributors. Nice stuff too.