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22 Apr 2014

OOC Entry 108 - Carriers and Mercs

The Easter weekend is behind us, and I used the opportunity of some time off to work on the next story chapter. This time I directly referred to the "Rooks & Kings Manual of Advanced Triage Carrier Tactics" for the way how Rasenzoku are using their carriers.

Like I said, this chapter also features some shipboard combat for which I have been browsing through quite some Dust514 informational material. As always I am dedicated to keeping things as close to game-lore as possible. I've never played the game myself, so I needed to get familiar with the weapons and armour that is being used by the infantry elite of New Eden.

It turns out, that I am still unable to bring the battle to a conclusion in this chapter, so you can look forward to yet another chapter full of excitement and action.

I think after this story I will have had enough for some time of large battles ;)

At some time my poor protagonists should be able to enjoy a moment of peace, don't you think?

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