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16 Jul 2014

OOC Entry 111 - Titles

When I wrote in a comment that I will have my next chapter ready within the week, I should have written within a week. I wrote that comment exactly a week ago and so I would have just about kept my word.

You may not believe this, but I struggled most with the title of the story.

Everything I could come up with sounded like some EVE expansion or the name of some movie with Tom Cruise as the male lead, and I hate Tom Cruise. I have hated Tom Cruise since I saw Top Gun with my very first boyfriend and decided that Val Kilmer is definitely way sexier and should have been the guy who wins.

Well, at least I didn't have to endure seeing the female lead getting it on with Val Kilmer and was free to dream my young girl dreams about him. Sadly he turned rather fat later in life.

But I digress.

I have long wanted to write a story with Gallente antagonists, and now I finally saw the opening to do so. It will tie in with things that happened waaaay back in my stories. I find that rather suitable for a story set in New-Eden that things the protagonists did in the past catch up with them in a bad way.

For starters, this chapter will not feature any of my main protagonists, but I am bringing back my favourite obnoxious support character. I am not sure yet for how long I will stay on this track where I keep my main capsuleers out of the narrative, but I feel like it could go on like that for a bit.

I think it can create some extra tension when the story is about people who can actually die instead of being revived in a clone through some technological wizardry.

Not that I haven't brought a few of those poor capsuleers very close to true death.

Oh yes, and then there is the unsettling death of a bunch of scantily dressed girls in that interlude I wrote last.

Let's see what becomes of that particular thread.

But for now, the story begins with some nice food.


  1. Hmm... I totally forgot about those scantily?? (there's no mention about their dressing code) dressed girls. Were they aboard the self-destructing Nyx, or was that a beginning of a new storyline?

    1. The POV girl is wearing a "skimpy dancing costume". Of course that doesn't say anything about all the others.