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3 Mar 2012

OOC Entry 16 - Finally, but some questions left

10935 words, and that after I actually cut down a few scenes.

The longest story I ever wrote.

Not the longest story I ever told, though. When I was younger I was running pen and paper RPGs and I actually drew people into narratives that lasted years. Now that most of my RPG friends are either far away or of child-bearing age, this is not possible anymore. Well who knows, maybe I can draw you - the reader - into a long narrative.

I know that some people have been following the story from the beginning, and that means they are with it for four months now. Of course that's different than the old-school RPGs which I sorely miss. There your protagonists are actually living beings who act independently of yourself. Here I have to imagine people who are different from myself. Not that I do not enjoy that. Back in the days I managed to surprise my PCs (Player Characters in case you don't know the jargon) with rich personalities who were so far removed from who I am that it always brought a lot of enjoyment to all of us.

Mind you, the near future might bring a similar effect. I have talked with a fellow fiction writer about what he called 'colliding our stories'. His protagonists might interact with mine, and the outcome is far from certain. I am confident that this could become a great experiment.

Finally, I want to address the story at hand. If you paid attention, then you will learn how it was possible that Sandrielle could pose as the spy while she wasn't. Also, you might spot a few seeming inconsistencies in this story. I wont mention them now, but rest assured, they are not plot-holes.

This story will be followed by a sort of post-script which will reveal how some things came to pass that seem to 'not make sense'

I am not planning my stories meticulously in advance, they just pour out of me, but in telling them I absolutely know the reason for every little thing that happens.

Really, I do.

Also I re-used one of the crew characters I introduced before, and added a new one. I sometimes like to focus on crew rather than the main capsuleers and present the world from their perspective. I will do this more often as things progress, I guess.

So, now this has become my longest OOC post to go with my longest story.

I promise, the next one wont strain your eyes that much.

I hope you enjoyed it,  

As always, please feel free to comment in either way you see fit.

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