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19 Mar 2012

OOC Entry 18 - Still thinking

Every day when I lie down to sleep I think about my characters and the story before I drift off into slumber. In my experience it helps to set your mind onto a particular subject on the verge of sleep if you want to dream about it. And dream about it I do. Impressions, whole stories (one of them was pretty coherent, I will make that a narrative once the next story is done) but I drew blanks so far on how I want my characters to rescue Sylera.

It is difficult terrain. They will have to go out to empire space for more than just a short visit. Some of them are wanted criminals there, and others have people with an axe to grind. There will be things to consider like CONCORD, gates, political powers and more.

The last story asked everything of the protagonists in terms of military strategy and fighting against a superiour opponent. The next one will require them to do their best in terms of covert operations in an environment that is not as conveniently isolated as wormhole space.

Also I needed to do some research on the Intaki Syndicate.

I have made some mental notes. I decided to give one of my most under-used character some 'screen time' and I will revisit some secondary characters from previous stories.

Stay tuned. I hope to have the first episode ready by tomorrow

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