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7 May 2012

OOC Entry 23 - Done and Done

So the latest story is finished as I had promised. You may think that some things are not really clear why they happen, like for example [Spoiler] how did Sylera get her control back and how could she take over the station? [Spoiler] But as ever-so-often, there will be revelations and clues in other stories.

If you read them all you might have a theory and it might actually be correct ;)

Also I made some room on the sidebar by getting rid of the OOC Entries list ... it started to become a bit stupid and so I just grouped them under a label.

Now I have some room, maybe I should add a list of my favorite blogs. The thing about such lists is, that I always forget something, and all my favorites appear on everybody else' favorites list already. Well, I guess it's just nice to show my support, even if my link list will look like the 100th version of the same.

I'll do that soon

Until then, fly creatively

P.S. Oh, and comments can now be submitted by anyone without registering ... should have done that long ago.

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