This is a collection of short in-character fiction pieces about Awakened Industries, a group of capsuleers and their crews living in the enigmatic and dangerous regions of Wormhole Space in EVE Online. None of the protagonists are actual characters or corporations in-game. All similarities with persons fictional or real are possibly coincidental and only sometimes intentional. - Emergent Patroller

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20 May 2012

Jihad - Part 3

The nanites are not as destructive as the last specimen we encountered.' Shisei commented while he gestured to enlarge the holographic image of a barbed corkscrew shape on the floating display dominating one of his laboratory walls 'They are however no less lethal.' he added and turned to face Sandrielle and Cedrien awaiting his research results.

'Introduced into the bloodstream, they are triggered by a specific hormone response.' the Achura scientist continued while the image on the screen showed the microscopic device lighting up as a particular molecule collided and docked with it. 'Initially it will draw energy from a thermic reaction as it breaks up the compound which triggers it.' he gestured at the animation. 'The waste products from that reaction trigger other nanites which have not been activated yet. Those in turn will consume oxygen from the blood, leading to dizziness and reduced brain function.'

The image zoomed out to show a complete body with a glowing circulatory system. 'This reaction continues while they gradually burrow outward, causing internal hemorrhaging. Eventually they will accelerate and explode from the host, basically cutting the victim apart from the inside.' the human shape on the screen disintegrated into a cloud of pixels, insinuating the gruesome actual result. 'If they embed themselves in another living being, they begin the cycle again.' Shisei concluded his presentation dryly.

Cedrien grimaced slightly while stroking his beard. 'How do we know those things were actually created by the Scions?' he wondered.

Sandrielle stepped forward and touched the transparent surface of the display. With a few gestures she conjured up the magnified nanomachine and another one appeared next to it. The second nanite was shaped more like the microscopic version of a tunneling drill head 'They are different than the ones we saw before, but the basic design structure is the same.' she explained. 'And then there's the implants.' she added.

'Indeed.' Shisei took over from her. 'From the …' he paused searching for an appropriate word. '… remains of the victims, we recovered brain implants that monitor thought processes. They were heavily damaged, but we assume they trigger the hormones which activate the nanites.'

Cedrien sat down at one of the laboratory's work desks and steepled his fingers. 'So it works like a sort of lie detector?'

Sandrielle shook her head. 'It's a bit more complex than that.' she began 'If the subject begins to think and say certain things, it will respond.' she turned to look at the display again. 'A very effective system to prevent someone from committing treason.' the Gallente woman added with grudging admiration.

Cedrien quickly shook his head as if to dispel the thought. 'So why would he talk at all?'

Sandrielle turned to face her commander with a solemn expression 'He wanted to warn us, and he sacrificed himself and his remaining crew to do so.'

Cedrien rested his forehead in one palm and looked up at her from his sitting position. 'This is insanity.' he muttered.

'No.' Sandrielle replied darkly. 'What we are dealing with here is fanatical conviction.' she paused and directly met his gaze. 'A thing way more dangerous.'


'In the name of God, stop this madness!' the gray haired Amarrian screamed as he struggled against the restraints of the operating table he was stretched out on. 'You are Amarr too, why are you doing this to us?!' he howled in desperation while the black clad Scion medics around him went through their preparations with unperturbed efficiency.

Prakevi looked down at the captive from the levitating harness carrying the mutilated ruin of his body. 'What do you know about God?' he replied with a sickeningly soft tone. 'I have seen and felt the might of a holy messenger.'

He smiled at the man sweating with fear. 'It is my duty to seek absolution from her and her alone.' He gestured at the bald headed and tattooed Scion disciples with the stump of his wrist. 'Those devout people embraced that sacred mission.'

Prakevi's unsettlingly tender smile melted from his face and was replaced by an honestly sorrowful expression. 'It saddens me that you refuse to understand the importance of this quest.' his features acquired a more earnest cast. 'Unfortunately that forces us to make you into an instrument of our seeking against your will.'

'You are a blasphemer!' the Amarrian spat, and his narrow features now reflected defiance in the face of futility.

The entrance to the unusual and organic looking operating chamber opened like the petals of a biomechanical carnation. A tall figure entered, wearing the customary glistening, hooded coat of the Scions of Tranquility. Quickly the man approached Prakevi and leaned closer to the dark haired Ni-Kunni in his floating contraption.

'Prophet.' he addressed him. 'We have news from one of our spotter servants.'

Prakevi looked at him with heightened expectation. 'Tell me.' he demanded.

With a nod the hooded figure continued. 'We lost contact with them after they entered a starbase shield.' the man spoke briskly. 'However, we are sure that they encountered capsuleers of Awakened Industries.'

Prakevi's eyes gleamed eagerly. If he would still have hands he would have grasped the Scion's heavy overcoat with urgency. 'Show me where!' he demanded. Again the tall man nodded dutifully.

Following a subtle movement of his dismembered torso, the former scientist's hovering appliance turned to follow the messenger. 'Begin the procedure.' he ordered the medics before leaving the room.


From his hidden vantage point, the capsuleer in the small Caldari covert ops frigate observed as the swarm of heavily modified strategic cruisers began to move away from the Amarrian wormhole mining colony the Scions had ravaged. A dozen ships towed the chrysalis-shaped behemoth of an ancient Talocan battleship behind them with tractor beams. Scores more of the advanced vessels built from Sleeper salvage fanned out in a wide formation around that central alien craft.

'Arclight Eye to Arclight Vanguard. Do you copy Vanguard?' the capsuleer scout transmitted over an encrypted fluid router link.

'Eye, this is Vanguard. Report.' came the answer.

'The Scion fleet is moving, they have launched probes and are looking for an exit from this system now.' the recon pilot relayed what he saw.
'Copy that.' his recipient replied. 'There's only one way they can go from there, right?'

'Affirmative, there are no other wormhole signatures in this system.' the spotter confirmed after gathering one last readout from his own probes.

'Stay on them and keep reporting.' the disembodied voice of the other Arclight pilot ordered. 'I will inform captain Arrakh.'

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