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5 Jun 2012

OOC Entry 26 - Credit where it is due

Dear readers.

I know, I know, I promised one chapter per week and it is tuesday and I have not delivered yet. I am working on it, but due to great weather which draws me outside in the evenings I simply didn't make it. One thing about this country is, that as soon as the evenings turn lush everybody falls over themselves to organize a barbequeue. I guess it's the fact that lush evenings without rain are such a precious commodity here where I live.

Anyway, I didn't want to lose too much words on justifications for my inexcusable break of promise, but take this opportunity to give thanks to all the people who have worked on great resources that I keep coming back to as references for my stories.

Of course there are the various EVE Chronicles. Some of them are quite good, quite a few are not. All of them are worth looking to as references in one way or the other. People who read my stories tell me they are better than the chronicles. While I am very wary of the temptation to feel flattered, I do find that I have written better material than some of the pieces in that collection. I also know that I have written worse than some others.

A great intro guide to EVE lore is Mark726 Lore Primer. This man has devoted a lot of work to compile a concise yet short collection of facts about all that is New Eden. Everybody who cares at least a bit what world they play in should read it. If you read any piece of EVE related lore, it should be this one.

Speaking of devoting great amounts of work: For someone like me who is writing about life in Wormhole Space, there is nothing greater than the compilation of fictional knowledge represented by the Arek'Jalaan Project.
This must be the largest player-generated body of lore for any game ever. I myself have probably not read half of it, and they keep adding content. Some of the work approaches the level of actual astronomical research, I mean, take a look at this! Other people build nullsec alliances, those people do scientific research in EVE.

Despite being a rogueish wormhole pilot, my heart is still Gallente, and as such I can only thank Seriphyn, the writer of The Fully Factual Guide to the Federation. What Mark726 has done in breadth, Seriphyn has done in depth. This is the authoritative lore compilation about the Gallente. I wish someone would do the same for the other races. I am afraid I would not have the time and/or patience ... well who knows? Maybe one day when I am a metagaming bitter old vet, and writing EVE lore is my last remaining real pleasure related to the game.

Last but not least I would like to mention another Gallente related resource which I used. Not as much, because my stories do not take place in Empire Space very often, but still, it was very nice for some background. This being the guide to Populous Temperate Worlds in the Gallente Federation. Ever wonder what goes on down there on the worlds you warp past (or through)? This guide will give you an impression.

So without further ado, I would like to thank all the people who put in so much work to create sources of inspiration, information and entertainment which have made it possible for me to give my own stories more depth.

I love your work.

P.S. And to all those who I did not find yet on my search for background material. I love your work too, even if I don't know it (yet). I just love that you are doing it. If you read this and you have something lore related somewhere online, please let me know.

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