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25 Jun 2012

OOC Entry 29 - The software ate my story

Ok, I know, I was hopelessly late with my next episode. And you, my readers, have punished me with reduced visits to my blog.

Fair enough.

Well, to be honest, I was taking too long. I had started this story, and then rewrote the beginning several times. Eventually I had it almost finished in one whole session of two hours. It just flowed out of me.

And then I somehow forgot to save it, or reverted to an old version or whatever I did. One thing is certain, I did something wrong and lost all that work. So I had to basically start over after I had dealt with the loss.

But here it is, finally, after two weeks time. The next episode.

I recently watched the new Sherlock Holmes TV series, and then I watched the newest Dr. Who series which ran last year. I also wanted to bring Alira back as a focal point for an episode. So there we have a great mix: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Who and my favorite Minmatar tomboy. So she gets to have her great moment in this episode which could save Awakened Industries from yet another threat.

However, it is not quite as straightforward as that. I have foreshadowed a role for my involuntary plot-driver Sylera in the beginning, and I have to make good on that, so she will be stepping up too.

As it turns out this story will become a five-parter (I need to get my stories shorter) and the 'to be continued' moment is assured to happen.

In the meantime, in non-fictional EVE, the Goons reveal that they have done a massive scheme on Faction Warfare and then cry when they get a backlash from it, Pandemic Legion suffered a theft of several hundred billion, and I have infiltrated myself into the wormhole of a corp in our alliance to attack them at any possible opportunity for educational purposes.

Also, I want to give a shoutout to the author of Tiger Ears because I just love her blog and she is my only female idol in the game right now. As for the boys: Kovorix last video is just amazing. I love what you and Kil2 are doing with the podcast even if you don't really know how wormhole PVP works :D I still have such respect for your skill and one day I want to be that good.

And of course love and appreciation to all members of my alliance. You are all great.

Also, for the record: Jade's nullsec corp are not Goon pets.

But I want Exohmim back! 


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