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19 Aug 2012

OOC Entry 41 - Carebear Rage

I have received a comment from a reader saying it was hard to figure out why everything happened the way it did in the latest story so far.

Well this new chapter begins with a scene from the perspective of the Caldari woman who has abducted Keram. I wont get any more outspoken than this, but I am sure everyone will get it now ;)

I guess lots of victimized peaceful pilots have had rage born fantasies that they could have a pirate at their mercy like this.

So since we are all living in a 'single shard universe' (if there's only one, how can it be a shard - doesn't shard imply that it is a piece of something larger?) I decided to work in a small reference to my friend splatus' story and his main protagonist.

You don't have to read his story to understand what is going on, but it sure is fun to do so.

If you like stories focusing on the individual experience of becoming a capsuleer, then I can definitely recommend reading it, even though the hardcore EVE lore geeks will probably run away screaming because of the different ways how he likes to take liberties with the canon.

For next week, I will see to it that I can wrap up this story and bring it to a conclusion. I already sort-of know how I want to end it. I just hope the ending will fit into my standard episode length which is about two to two-and-a-half written pages. Reading text on computer screens isn't easy on the eyes, and I don't want to be responsible for ruining your eyesight by presenting you with overlong walls of text.

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