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10 Jan 2014

TRS - A Newbie Guide to FC Commands

Like I said, I am currently engaged in Faction Warfare, and because of the relatively easy access to that playstyle really new pilots are regularly coming in. For them and newbies everywhere else I decided to write this short guide, so you don't have to ask embarrassing questions in the middle of a fleet op, or - even worse - get yourself killed or screw up a fleet operation because you did the wrong thing. In here, you'll find commonly used commands that are pretty universal all over the game. I will also explain for each command on how you properly follow it and which keyboard shortcuts you can use.

You can also use this as an aspiring fleet commander to know how to issue commands to people in a way that is generally understood in EVE.

EVE Uni also have a nice guide on the subject but it is in many ways rather specific to their way of doing things. I would still recommend reading it.

A few things in general:

Once you are on fleet coms during forming up the fleet, be sure to identify the voice of the FC. If you are not sure who it is, then ask. That is the person you keep listening to for instructions, and nobody else. Always pay attention to every word the FC says.

If the FC issues an order and you didn't understand it, ask the FC to repeat it, but don't start a long explanation like "Sorry, I'm new here so I didn't quite get that last thing you said. Could you be so kind to tell me again what I am supposed to do." just keep it short and clear like "FC repeat last order." or "FC repeat destination."

If you are just a normal fleet member with no special role, then you wont have to say much yourself during an operation, so don't. Often enough you will end up in fleets where lots of people seem to talk about random stuff. Don't let yourself get dragged into this. Those people are either experienced enough to judge the situation and know when it's OK to relax, or they are just idiots who mess up coms. If you belong to the intended audience for this post, then you are most likely not experienced enough yet, and you certainly don't want to be one of the idiots either. 

Ok, with that out of the way let's get to the things you will hear the FC say and what they mean:

Moving Around:  

  • Warp (to) ... This command is followed by a destination. That can be a gate, a station, a planet or anything else in system. It means that you warp to zero distance. Click on the destination on your overview (BTW most of the actions that follow here require you to click on your destination on the overview, so I wont repeat that for each command) Now hit the "Warp to" button on your selected object panel (or S on your keyboard). Most importnatly, if your destination is a gate do not jump through.
  • Jump on contact This is the exception to the last sentence above. If you hear an FC say that after issuing a warp to gate order, you are supposed to jump. You can warp and jump on contact by hitting the D button on your keyboard after you selected a gate.
  • Jump You will hear this order if you have been sitting at a gate and are now supposed to jump through. Do it immediately. Again, you can hit D for that. Just make sure you have the gate selected if you do.
  • Hold/Gate is Red This command is usually issued after you have already been ordered to jump but things have changed due to new information. So you do not jump through the next gate. If you are already in warp, you hit Ctrl+Space to cancel the jump command that would follow your warp. Also FCs often use this command to emphasize that people should not jump, even if they were not ordered to and should actually stop at the gate anyway. Once you are free to jump the FC will declare the gate Green.
  • Warp at range/Warp to optimal Here the FC will give you a destination and either tell you to which range you should warp, or assume that you just warp to the range that is best for you. If you are in a frigate with guns that can fire up to 5km optimal range, then you warp to 5km. If you are in an electronic attack frigate like a Griffin that jams targets from 30km optimal, then use that range as your reference point.You do that by right clicking on the destination and selecting the proper distance to warp to.
  • Align ... This will also be followed by a destination. Your selected object panel has a button for that too, and hitting A is the keyboard shortcut for it. Some FCs will use the term Soft Align. That means you align, and once your ship has turned into that direction, you stop it's engines to hold position.
  • Set Destination This command will be accompanied by a link in fleet chat. If it is not, request it. You can click on that link and set destination. It is important that you use the same autopilot settings as everyone else. If in doubt, ask. "Prefer Shorter" is usually the default. The autopilot settings can be found by clicking on the A next to the route that usually appears at the left top of your screen as a series of blocks.
  • Best Speed/Free Burn ... Again, this command will be followed by a solar system destination. Like above, someone will link that system in fleet chat so you can click on it and set the destination. You are then supposed to just warp to and jump through all the stargates on the way there without detours or delays.
  • Anchor on ... This command will be followed by the name of a fleet member. You can either orbit that fleet member at reasonably close range, or use the "Keep at range" function. Don't get so close that you can bump off eachother. Something like 5-10km is usually fine.
  • Tac/Ping on ... This is the FC asking for someone to either warp to a previously existing tactical bookmark or otherwise create one at a destination gate or station. A tactical bookmark is one that is far enough from a gate or a station to be at minimum warp distance (+150km). If you have such a bookmark or want to create one (best done in a fast ship) then you can respond by announcing that.
  • Go plus one This one will come with a qualifier that tells you whether the command is meant for you or not. Something like "Scout go plus one" or "Fast Tackle go plus one" If the role description fits your ship and role, you jump through the next gate on the way to the destination solar system. When everyone else is ordered to just warp to a gate, it means you jump through it. If everyone is jumping through, it means you go to the next system on the path to the destination.
  • Hold Cloak This will be issued after a jump order. It means that you jump through a gate and do not move. Do not click anywhere in space. Just do nothing and take a few deep breaths because usually that command is given when you jump into an enemy gatecamp and things are going to turn exciting very soon. Also take a second to sort your overview by name. You will see in the next section why.


  • Primary is ... This command is followed by an enemy pilot's name. Hold Ctrl and click on the pilot's name on the overview to achieve a target lock, and then hit them with everything you have. If you are too far away from the primary, then fly closer until you can engage them. If you now have your overview sorted by name, then you will find your target much easier.
  • Secondary is ... Again followed by an enemy pilot's name. You lock that pilot too, but you do not hit them yet. The exception is, if your position is such that you happen to be out of range with the primary, but right next to the secondary, and if the primary target is a ship that will go down really quickly anyway. If the primary is a battleship and you are a small gang, your DPS will definitely be needed. If the primary is a cruiser, shooting the secondary is acceptable. Some FCs will call tertiary targets ... the same applies to them.
  • Spread Points ... If you have a warp disruptor or warp scrambler (and you probably should have in a PVP fleet), lock up the first hostile you see on your overview that is close enough to be affected and activate the module. A good way to select a target is to take someone whose name starts with the same letter as yours, or the next closest one. Once you have one pointed call "Point on [Pilot Name]. If someone already has called point on the one you were targeting, target and point someone else.
  • Weapons free Just attack and shoot whatever you like that's in range. Usually, when you hear this, you can start feeling good about things. An FC will normally only issue this command when success is a certainty.
  • Deaggress Means you stop shooting, locking, pointing, everything that you are doing to people from the hostile fleet. Also, if you have drones out, do not forget to recall them. Usually this command is issued with the intention to escape through a gate or dock at a station when your aggression timer has run out, so approach the closest gate or station until you are in jump- or dock range but do not stop moving. Best orbit the gate or orbit a fellow pilot close enough for jumping or docking.
  • Overheat You need to have the Thermodynamics skill for that. In it's general form it means to overheat your weapons for maximum damage. Hold Shift and click on your weapon icon to do so. If you want to stop overheating, do the Shift+Click thing again. Sometimes you will be ordered to overheat your propulsion or something else. The Same Shift+Click action works for that too.
  • [Role/Name] Down This is not something the FC tells you, but something you tell the FC. You inform the FC that the fleet has lost a ship with a special role if you get killed and you were assigned a special function that the fleet has in limited supply. If you fly in a fleet of thirty blaster fit Thoraxes, you don't call out "Thorax Down" when you get blown up, but if you were one of two jamming ships or a logistics cruiser that the fleet is depending on, it makes sense to announce your loss. If you are sure that the FC knows what you personally are flying, then you can also use your name.
  • Scatter/Warp Out/Run When you hear that, it's all about saving yourself. The battle is lost and all you can do is to try and get out alive. Warp to the first faraway thing that you can find on your overview. Ideally a planet. If you can not warp, align your ship in the direction of an object away from the enemy and overheat your propulsion module if you can. You might be able to shake people tackling you or get out of a bubble and still make it, but be prepared to warp your pod instead.

Other stuff

  • Clear Coms A family friendly way for an FC to say "Shut the fuck up you bunch of retards!"
  • Break/Check Usually called by people other than the FC. Most of the time by a scout. This is meant to get everyone to stop talking and start listening because something important is going to come up. It could even be you who calls a Break because you might have noticed something nobody else did. Like for example if you are the last to jump through a gate and a whole fleet of hostiles landed behind you just before you jumped.
  • Chill (or something to that effect) This is the FC telling you that you can drop your guard. Now you can talk about random stuff until you either hear a Break or a Clear Coms.
  • X "tack" Y This is not so much a command but a jargon thing. You will hear that in nullsec space when an FC gives destination. Nullsec systems have alphanumeric names like F-YH5B. The hyphen in those names will generally be spoken as "tack" like eff-tack-why-age-five-bee in the given example.

This sums up all generally used FC commands that I can think of. Some corps and alliances might have special codes or commands that I did not list here, but the above should get you through almost any fleet operation without seeming completely clueless.

I wish you good luck out there, and good fights.


  1. Shift+click to overheat

    1. Hmm, coulda sworn it was Ctrl. Going to make sure next time I'm logged in. If I'm wrong, thanks for the correction.

  2. Weapons Free - Shoot at will, any target of opportunity.

  3. You missed "Gate is RED/Gate is GREEN". RED means don't jump. FCs don't like the J word because half a second of technical problems means that you just said Jump instead of DON'T jump. This is also why good FCs repeat themselves as some software misses the first bit of a transmission.

    DON'T JUMP means to hit ctrl space (all stop) if you are warping to a gate with a jump command.