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21 Jan 2012

OOC Entry 11 - Still alive

Greetings programs (ok, who gets this pop culture reference)

Bascially I wanted to post something so people don't think my blog went dead. The thing is, I am still sort-of deliberating where things go from the last stories. Don't you worry though, I have a few ideas. Clouds are gathering on the horizon and Awakened Technologies will have a carrier. They will need it.

Thing is, I wrote a few individual scenes, but they still need to be merged into a story, but RL is getting the better of me. But I will get it done the coming week, and you know I make good on my promises.

In other news, my good in-game friend splatus moved from writing stories to a more meta-game philosophical approach. He actually got mentioned on Ender Black's podcast, and Ender engaged in a conversation with him. So did yours truly, and it was interesting. So if you are interested in discussions about moral issues crossing over from EVE to RL, check it out and join in. The link is up there in the text.

So, I hope you keep coming back. Maybe read some of the old stories in the meantime, and stay tuned for a new story withing the coming week.

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  1. Glad you hear that your story continues. I have to come to really like your characters (and yes, I have a favourite!) and am looking forward how the story progresses. After all, you got me into the fiction writing and hence I want know where you take it. In general, I really like that you mix up the styles, write from male / female characters, brutal action pieces and romance novels. It is - I think - much harder than developing one voice and sticking with it (what I am doing) and real fun to read. Looking forward!


    PS. My story arc is done-ish but I need to get down to writing it. Currently I am having too much fun musing about philosophical themes and very much enjoy the dialogue that it creates. But I will get to it!