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5 Nov 2012

OOC Entry 56 - Anniversary Crowdsourcing

So, the last chapter of my 19th story is written and published.

Maybe some people will hate me for the ending, but, you know what, if you do you can actually be part of what happens next.

Like I wrote yesterday (well technically it was today), my story blog has it's one-year anniversary this week and coincidentally that will also be marked by my 20th story.

It's a tradition in my home country to treat your friends with cake on your birthday. Well, cake doesn't work so well online, so I decided to give you another treat.

I give you the opportunity to influence what my 20th story will be about.

Do you have a favourite character you want to read about? It can be a main protagonist or anyone else. Is there a loose end or an untold back-story you always wanted to have tied up or filled in? Is there a special theme or adventure you want my protagonists to be part of?

Whatever your wishes are, I will do my best to make them happen. Send me those requests and if it is in any way doable I will all fulfil them in one story.

I do retain the prerogative to not fulfil any wishes that are just plain stupid, but if you read this blog then you are not that kind of person I would assume.

In case requests come in that can not be put together in one story, I will make two of them (I guess I'll number them 20A and 20B in that case).

Ok, so I know all three of my readers have something that they would like to read about ;) The comment field is there for you.

Happy anniversary!

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