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5 Nov 2012

OOC Entry 55 - We are coming to a conclusion

While I was writing my entry for the Pod and Planets Fiction Contest I interruped my writing of the last chapter for What once was lost.

Since then things have changed in my in-game life which also diverted my attention.

I will write about that soon. In fact I have an in-character story about it which will be the first ever glimpse into the experience of the character I am in-game from an RP perspective. It''s due soon and I was actually thinking of submitting it too for the story contest.

As for my more OOC in-game experience, I m also going to write about that.

But there is a story to finish, and I almost did. The text is written but I still need to proofread it and find a nice image in my screenshot collection, or elsewhere, to use as a banner.

I promise you it will be online by tomorrow (or today - depending on your timezone)

So this will be my 19th story. Incidentally that also marks the one year anniversary of this blog more or less. On the 10th of November 2011 I published my first story episode.

I have something special planned for the 20th story and it will involve all of you, my faithful readers.

All I can say is, choose your favorite story and your favorite character - main protagonist or otherwise - and think about what you would wish to read about them.

More on that once the final chapter of story 19 is published.

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