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29 Oct 2012

OOC Entry 54 - We interrupt our regular program

I put my next story chapter aside for now because something else came along that I could not let pass by without jumping on the opportunity.

A gentleman calling himself Telegram Sam has taken the initiative to set up a fiction writing contest for EVE Online. He managed to get several sponsors on board and two CCP fiction writers will act as judges.

Needless to say I am very excited.

Of course there is the possibility of winning a prize, but not only that.

While I don't really count on winning anything, I really hope that this contest will motivate many creative people to write great stories that will enrich our game-world.

Of course all the exciting player-generated emergent gameplay content is great, but what is a fictional universe without some fiction?

So if you enjoy your little online escapist fantasy in ways that go beyond shooting-people-in-the-face(tm) and actually like reading stories, check out the submissions here. Already, only a few days after the announcement of the contest, there are ten stories, and submissions are accepted until december.

I will get sore eyes from reading.

Thank you Sam for that great initiative.

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