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23 Oct 2012

OOC Entry 52 - Yes, I am still alive

Ok, I have been absent from writing and from playing EVE to the detriment of this blog of mine.

While my friends have had all kinds of adventures including settling a new wormhole, I could hardly find the time to log on. Even chatting on our alliance jabber server has become less. Basically, there was lots of RL stuff to do. Work had me travelling and otherwise occupied. In my home city there was a big music festival which I was sort-of involved with and spending time at various events, and I actually consummated my relationship by spending some quality time together.

All this ended up with me hardly being online and only jotting down a sentence here or there for my next story chapter.

However, I can tell you, that by tomorrow it will be online, finally.

I basically finished it just now, and I will sleep over it, proofread it (inadequately as usual) and then publish it.

So, yes, I am still alive and well and have not forgotten that I have a story to finish. Tomorrow's instalment will not be the last chapter of this one though. There is at least one more episode after that.

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