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1 Oct 2012

OOC Entry 48 - Enough of that ...

Enough of that polemic agitating about other people's posts and nullsec matters.

I'm not sure where I was going with all that anyway. Must have been the time of the month ;)

Well, sometimes things hit me in some way and then I start thinking about them, and if you have a blog where you can think out loud, it's tempting.

Also I have provided people on reddit with something to rip apart, and if the crowd on the EVE subreddit love something, then it's ripping apart other people's opinions.

But there is a story to continue.

This chapter mostly is of a 'the-plot-thickens' sort, and I am spending some time on Savant Torstan because I have decided I want to develop him a bit more as a character before the story progresses too far.

Ever since the days of pen-and-paper RPGs where I often ended up as the GM, I have loved developing antagonists.

So far there were creepy fanatics, intimidating mercenaries, insidious spies, merciless Amarrians and more. This time I wanted to go for a different sort of character. I hope I can convey enough of his motivation and traits to make him a fully developed individual.

The question with an antagonist is, what their ultimate fate will be. What happens to the 'bad guys' in the end is always an interesting thing in any narrative. It says a lot about the world in which the story is set.

Of course some of the main protagonists are bad guys too. Keram once was a pirate, Sylera used to be a loyalist capsuleer of an oppressive regime and who knows all the things Sandrielle has done during her life as a capsuleer among the alliances of nullsec space. She certainly is very good at killing, torturing,betraying and manipulating people.

The world of EVE is a world of Black and Gray Morality where even the 'good guys' are flawed. Cedrien is - after all - a disgraced military man who has cut his ties with the society he came from. Alira is not above recklessly endangering herself, her commander and other people when driven by jealousy. Sylera is a deeply judgemental person, and that trait can turn her into a furious murderer. Shisei, well I have not decided what his dark side could be, but I'm sure there is one.

I think I need to come up with a story about that.

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