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23 Oct 2012

OOC Entry 53 - As announced

Finally I finished that story chapter which had been stuck due to RL issues.

It is my second achievement I can be happy about today. The first one was at work where I finally made something run again that fell apart in pieces last Friday after I thought I had it all but finished with only the small details to deal with.

I continue with telling the story mostly from the view of Savant Hegomir Torstan. I go some more into the Arek'Jalaan backstory, mainly how the sudden appearance of Hilen Tukoss would have felt for the main antagonist/protagonist of this story.

I sort-of started to like that arrogant and narcissistic old bastard. I have actually made his character up with The Mittani in mind. Like if that guy were a genius Minmatar scientist instead of someone playing EVE and ruling a make-believe space-empire. Horrible but oddly likeable.

In the end, he will be in a situation that is not at all how he expected or planned things, but the final instalment of the story will tell how he deals with that.

Stay tuned.

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