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5 May 2014

OOC Entry 109 - Technomagic

One of the things that fascinates me most about technology is the strange realm where it almost begins to feel like magic. When it comes to EVE that feeling was always strongest for me in relation to the way capsuleers existed.

The skill system tells us of Infomorph Psychology. That's the thing you need to be familiar with to have multiple clones.

But what is that infomorph, and what sort of psychology applies to it? Like any good magic, such technology poses a lot of very intriguing questions, and I love those.

In my last chapter of the current story I make a bit of an attempt to explore that state of mind which makes a capsuleer something else than other humans. That consciousness which resides both in a brain but also in a computer. The part that can travel between machine and flesh in an instant and which is the actual immortal aspect of the capsuleer.

Such a mind can achieve great things when melded with a spaceship, but what else could it do immersed in an artificial system of complex machines?

Well, there is all that in the story but also some close combat in the corridors of a supercarrier and an escalating fleet fight still going on.

It's a bit of a longer read, but I hope you enjoy it.

I'm delivering this to you on the evening of my departure for two weeks of holidays. So next time I will actually have an excuse for taking longer to write something ;)

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