This is a collection of short in-character fiction pieces about Awakened Industries, a group of capsuleers and their crews living in the enigmatic and dangerous regions of Wormhole Space in EVE Online. None of the protagonists are actual characters or corporations in-game. All similarities with persons fictional or real are possibly coincidental and only sometimes intentional. - Emergent Patroller

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21 Sept 2012

What once was lost - Part 1

Hegomir Torstan looked out over the ocean from the black slate terrace of his hillside residence. A good third of Eram's large red sun still loomed over the horizon. It's light made the gently rolling sea look like molten copper. Hegomir shivered slightly as a cool breeze wafted up the hill from the wetland forests that skirted the beach further below. Despite it's size, this system's bloated sun was comparatively cold. Although the second planet orbited less than an astronomical unit from the star, it only just received enough warmth for human habitation, but the immense oceans that covered nearly ninety percent of the small world's surface had proven very suitable for a diverse range of cold-water species.

The calm-faced Sebiestor took a sip from the cup of spiced coffee he had been holding in his hand, savouring the heat as it infused him. His narrow lips smacked slightly as his senses dwelt on the taste for a few moments. For a man his age, the fine features of his face showed remarkably few wrinkles. Only the carefully coiffed white hair clearly indicated that Hegomir was a man past his prime. Least of all, his glinting eyes – lively and awake despite his overall calm appearance – looked like they belonged to an old man.

A subtle chime behind his back tore the Sebiestor man's gaze away from the idyllic scenery that lay below the slope he dwelt on. As he turned to head back inside, he noticed that the sky had already become the deep violet shade of nightfall above his house, but the crimson light of dusk and it's reflection off the sea, was still mirrored in the smoky glass separating his living-room from the terrace outside.

He entered the tastefully decorated room with it's sunken circular seating arrangement and activated the holoprojector of his home-system with a voice command.

The narrow-boned face of his personal secretary materialised in the room, bathed in dim red light.

Like most employees of Eyfir & Co she was of Krusual descent. Her hair was shaved, so only a broad strip remained, running along her skull's centre-line. The dilapidated sides of her head were covered in swirling tattoos after the Krusual tribe's fashion.

'What is so important that you have to call me in my free time Ffeifra?' Hegomir demanded brusquely.

Despite the corporation's preference for Krusual employees, he had managed to achieve a high status within it's ranks. Not only because of his technical genius and innovative thinking, but also by being a ruthless and uncompromising player when it came to corporate politics. It was part of that game to make both his superiours, his peers and his subordinates aware of the fact that he should not be bothered with trivial matters.

'Savant, excuse my interruption.' Hegomir immediately heard from her tone that this must indeed be an important matter. 'We have received a message from Republic Security Services.' she paused as if to see what his reaction would be. The Sebiestor scientist remained calm and composed though, as if that hardly mattered at all. 'It is from Internal Security Commander Uinkin Hrul himself.' she added for emphasis.

'So what does he want? Another checkup on his agent's implant systems?' Hegomir asked dismissively and sipped from his coffee.

'Savant.' Hegomir's secretary began after shaking her head and swallowing. 'One of their spies has found Halis Ettin.'

This did cause a reaction with the self-absorbed man. 'The commander of the Project Turncoat mission?' Hegomir asked rhetorically with widened eyes and put his cup down on a side-table. 'I will prepare to travel at once!' he exclaimed and rushed for the door leading to the front rooms of the house.

'It wont be necessary Savant.' his secretary called after him. 'They have already dispatched an aircraft to retrieve you.'

Her words were swallowed by the howl of a small vector-thrust vehicle that touched down on the patio in front of Savant Torstan's house.


'Really, if anyone would have told me that this would happen a month ago, I would have laughed in their face.' Keram said as he allowed himself to sink down into Alira's embrace. Exhausted after he had spent himself, he rested his face against her neck.

'Yeah, I always hated you.' The Matari woman whispered into his ear with a satisfied smile on her face.

He pushed himself up and looked down at her with a serious expression. 'It's not like that. Everyone knew you had the hots for Cedrien.'

'What?!' Alira's narrow eyebrows drew together. If her face were not already flushed with the afterglow of their intercourse, her cheeks would have reddened noticeably.

'Can't blame you.' Keram said with a grin. 'If I were a girl, or he would swing a different way, I'd have tried to get in bed with the commander as well. Helps you get ahead in life' He yelped when she gave him a hard slap on his naked ass in response.

'Don't say such things!' Alira shouted with more playfulness than real anger.

'Or else?' Keram asked and provocatively narrowed his eyes.

'Or else I'll have to make you do me again.' she responded with a challenging smile, wrapped her legs around him, and began to contract herself around his girth down below.

'That is not a good way to make me stop.' He growled back at her and Alira felt him twitch against her insides.

'Who said anything about stopping?' she purred and grabbed a handful of his dark hair to pull him down for a deep kiss.

Just when he began to grind against her in a most delightful way, an alarm signal wrested them out of a world where they enjoyed eachother's bodies and into the cold and stark reality of the Caldari designed station quarters they occupied.

Keram muttered a guttural curse in Amarrian that sounded grievously blasphemous even if one didn't understand the words, and hit the voice-only transmission on the neocom next to the bed.

'What is it now?' he hissed.

'Come to briefing room six immediately.' It was Cedrien's voice and Keram cringed. 'Damn, did I just jump at the boss?' he inwardly cursed.

The Gallente commander didn't betray any reaction other than urgency from his tone, though. 'Bring Alira.' he ordered and terminated the connection leaving the Amarrian wondering how Cedrien would know that the Matari engineer was with him.

Alira made a sour face as Keram rolled off her and left her empty. 'What can be happening at that time, with our only exit mass-critical and on the verge of collapse?' she moaned.

'Do you think I can read his mind?' Keram shrugged while he looked for his underwear among the discarded clothes strewn around the bed. 'But I don't have to be Sandrielle to recognise that there's something going on when he gets that tone.' He paused and looked at the lean woman still lying in his bed. '… and usually that something is not a good something.' he added and tossed her top at her when he found it on the floor.

'I guess we better be fast.' Keram urged her on as he pulled up his briefs.

Alira slammed her head against the pillow once and groaned. Then she got up and started collecting her clothes.

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