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20 Sept 2012

OOC Entry 44 - I know, I know.

I am back from holidays and I have somewhat promised to come out with a new story as soon as I have returned.

Well, it did not work out.

Simply put, neither my holidays nor my first few days after being back left me with enough headspace to start writing again.

However, today I skipped training because it just came to me on my way back from work while I was taking a detour with the bicycle through some small preserve of forested river marshland.

Arriving at home, I sat down and started the next story, and I practically finished the first chapter in one go. I will still have to proofread it at least once or twice before I publish it, but by tommorrow it should be there.

It is the opening to a new plot that ties in with the very first story I wrote, and it will also have some of what they call 'fanservice' in it.

I'm curious what you will think of it.

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