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9 Sept 2012

OOC Entry 43 - RL Gallente Space

It is sunday and actually there should be a new story here. I am out and about though, travelling the south of France i.e. RL Gallente Space.

If you compare the actual country to the in-game Gallente Federation, then I would probably be somewhere in the border regions of Essence or Sinq Laison. In the regions where the Gallente Federation has it's lowsec borders with the Minmatar Republic and the Amarr Empire ... the south-east as it were.

I would show you photos, but my man forgot the USB connector cable for his camera, I didn't bother taking one and my small pocket netbook does not have the right SD card reader either to transfer some.

So here is an image I took off the net which gives an impression:

It's only small because I am using some really bad WiFi connection I picked up, but we were actually going down this river in kayaks ... very nice.

So, now I have to stop again because my battery is almost empty and I need to check for accommodation in the next place before it runs out.

See you in a week ... by then I should have a new story ready

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  1. Fly safe down there, the Gallente can't be trusted. too much wine and when you feel or comfy in your bar, they sneak up from behind, decloak, fire torpedoes and then blame the Germans - err Caldari...