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17 Dec 2011

OOC Entry 5 - It is done

So finally I finished A Trader's Woes. I sort-of had a hard time with it. First of all, I bit off a bit more than I could swallow with this weird first-person account. Second, I began to really dislike the guy (which is part of why I had him suffer quite a bit in the second part), and last-but-not-least I didn't really know where I should go with the story. Well I hope you think it turned out OK.

In other news, a corp-mate of mine started to write some EVE fiction too. I am not sure whether I should link it, because he keeps saying it's not yet for public reading. It deviates a bit from the canonical EVE Universe, but I like the concept of his story a lot and it is an immersive read. Once he's OK with it I will certainly link it here.

Speaking of fiction. I can only recommend listening to this. In case you don't know it, it's an episode of Voices from the Void featuring two fiction pieces performed by their authors as one-person audio play. Both stories a great and the performances are too.

Until the next story

Slender, articulated obsidian shapes slide toward you ...

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