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27 Dec 2011

OOC Entry 7 - Chick Flick?

So, you may think. Finally she is outing herself. Writing three full episodes of romantic encounters on beautiful shores, lost love, heavy emotions, the rejected geek-girl who is losing out, and the guy just being a helpless but endearing fool in all of this. Of course you are those cool EVE-Online people. You don't want to read stories that remind you of the movies your wives and girlfriends force you to watch with them. Or at least you wont admit to it. (My theory is, that, secretly, guys love those movies but would never admit to it)

But stay tuned. Those first two parts with their character expose, they are there for a reason. They are like the warm weather that leads to vast thunderheads piling up ... read on, and if you can guess how this ends, I promise you some reward or other I have not yet decided upon. Make a wish.

I already know the end, it is written already.

I will reveal it before the year changes.

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