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27 May 2012

OOC Entry 25 - Building Tension

Hello dear readers.

Well, this post is my 40th story publication, accompanied by the 25th OOC entry. Two nice round numbers, don't you think?

So I kept to my release schedule. It is not easy with job, relationship, social-life and actually playing EVE too, but the story lives in my head and I want it to get out there.

Mr. Splatus has commented how he likes where this story is/might be going. I will keep him and the rest of you dangling in a void for one more episode.

Oh if you read carefully and draw informed conclusions you could deduct what is going on, but it is not yet out there in the open.

Whoever guesses what is actually happening will win a one-shot story dedicated to them.

As usual, I will probably have missed a lot of mistakes in this installment. Typos, language errors, stupid literary compositions. Please if you find any, point them out to me. You can comment anonymously now, so I urge you to make use of that feature.

I know there are quite a number of you out there reading this, so don't hold back.

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