This is a collection of short in-character fiction pieces about Awakened Industries, a group of capsuleers and their crews living in the enigmatic and dangerous regions of Wormhole Space in EVE Online. None of the protagonists are actual characters or corporations in-game. All similarities with persons fictional or real are possibly coincidental and only sometimes intentional. - Emergent Patroller

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9 Dec 2012

Engineering Peace - Part 2

Uinkin Hrul calmly assessed the tall man crossing the large office in long strides as he approached the desk behind which the Matari intelligence director sat.

The Caldari's buzz-cut steel-gray hair was matched in colour by his eyes. His light-skinned face had the characteristic square features of Civire heritage. Age had dug severe lines into it, like trenches on a battlefield. The intense glare of the man's eyes and his confident movements did not show any burden of the years, though. Beneath the red and tan combat uniform he wore, his broad chest, the flatness of his stomach and his strong arms indicated regular physical exercise. He probably did not carry a single ounce of fat on his body.

Uinkin Hrul was certain that he had made the right choice hiring this particular mercenary brigade. Everything about the man conveyed a commanding presence. The Yanissari Order came highly recommended, and Akko Sivaata was a man whose legendary reputation matched that of many capsuleers.

The mercenary commander sat down wordlessly and just looked at director Hrul with professional detachment.

'Can I offer you something to drink Commodore Sivaata?' Uinkin Hrul asked smoothly and indicated his own glass of steaming Katcha tea.

The Caldari shook his head slowly. 'Thank you, but I prefer to have my beverages prepared exclusively by trusted members of my crew.'

The Sebiestor intelligence director suppressed a smile. 'A cautious one.' he noted to himself and nodded. 'As you wish.' Judging that this was not a man to waste time on idle conversation, Hrul got right to business. 'Commodore Sivaata, I have invited you here because I require someone who can operate with utmost discretion, ruthless efficiency and – most importantly – who can be trusted. A quality not often found in mercenaries.'

Sivaata showed no sign of being impressed by any of the offered qualifiers. His expression remained as unmoving as if it were carved from stone.

'I also need someone who has experience operating in wormhole space.' Hrul continued 'I understand you and your organization are familiar with that sort of arena.'

The Civire commander nodded 'It is our specialty.' he confirmed.

'Good, good.' Uinkin Hrul lilted with a smile. 'I have done some research before our meeting, and I think you will be very interested in the specific target.' Hrul touched the activator in his desk's surface and a holographic corporation logo materialized in the air between the two men. A stylized eye opening before the backdrop of twin suns. Hrul saw the recognition in the Caldari's face. 'I have been told you had an encounter with Awakened Industries before?'

Commodore Sivaata twisted his lips slightly. 'There is no money in revenge.' he stated flatly.

'Of course.' Uinkin Hrul replied with his high-pitched thin voice. 'But I am certain if someone would pay your way, it might be a welcome opportunity for …' he paused and smiled '… a rematch?'

Sivaata folded his arms. 'What is the objective?' he asked.

Uinkin Hrul nodded and called up another image. This one showed an elderly Sebiestor with dense white hair and a dignified expression that bordered on arrogance on his narrow face. 'Awakened Industries has abducted this man, Hegomir Torstan, and they are keeping him hostage.' Hrul gestured dismissively and smirked. 'He is an annoying fool, but unfortunately he is also the most valuable scientist of Eifyr & Co. Needless to say, they want him back.'

The Caldari mercenary looked at Hrul with slightly narrowed eyes. 'How come that it is not them who are hiring us for that job?' he wondered.

Uinkin Hrul spread his hands, giving in to the question. It was obvious to him that this man would not be mislead. 'Eifyr & Co are a major contractor for Republic Intelligence. Hegomir Torstan is personally in possession of knowledge that relates to important projects. We can not risk having him fall into enemy hands.'

Sivaata nodded with appreciation. 'Cedrien Roucellis and his capsuleers are dangerous and crafty opponents. On the other hand, they do not seem to have any strong ties to other wormhole settlers and we outnumber them. It can be done.'

Uinkin Hrul smiled thinly. 'So you accept?'

Commodore Sivaata extended one hand in a steadying gesture. 'Let us talk payment, then we shall see.'


Sylera rushed across the practice floor in a sequence of powerfully executed moves over and over again. She was so immersed in the drill Sandrielle had ordered her to repeat, that she hardly noticed the sliding door opening and closing with a subdued hiss when Hegomir Torstan entered. The Amarrian kicked, grabbed and wrenched at empty air before executing a quick twist accompanied by a downward chop. She stopped, facing the old scientist, sweat shining on her pale face.

'What do you want?' Sylera asked, curling her lips with revulsion.

Torstan held his head low, hands clasped behind his back, his russet robes with their golden embroidery open. 'I have come here with an offering of peace.' he said with uncharacteristic humility.

Sylera chortled cynically. 'Of course.' she sneered. 'That will settle it.' her eyes pierced into him like cold knives. 'I will be all fine with being an outcast from my society, without my family, with my faith shaken and all those memories of torture in my head.' she picked up a towel from a rack next to the practice floor to wipe her face. 'Thank you very much.' she shot at the white haired Sebiestor and threw the towel at his feet, preparing to leave.

'Wait!' Hegomir called out to her. 'That is not all I am here for.' Sylera turned back at him, her face a mask of intense loathing. 'I have spent time with miss Tjalgard working on possible options.' Torstan continued. 'I think we have found a way to undo the procedure.'

Sylera relaxed slightly. Now her eyes expressed more interest than hatred.

'I am not sure whether I can give you back the life you had.' the Matari said. 'But I can restore your capsule control system to it's normal state. You would be of no interest to the Empire anymore. They would have no reason to pursue you or subject you to further torture and experiments.'

Sylera frowned with disbelief. 'How would you do that?' she wondered.

Hegomir's eyes began to gleam enthusiastically. 'The Sleeper technology is the key.' he started to explain. 'The advanced self-maintaining control circuits which are built into a Strategic Cruisers, reverse engineered from the Sleeper Drones, can be modified to extend their regenerative ability to a control system implanted into a capsuleer if they are provided with a template.' he said breathlessly. 'If you and another capsuleer were interfacing with a common control circuit, the nanotechnological elements would replicate the same features across the whole.'

Sylera looked at him sceptically 'How can you make sure they would not replicate my modified system onto the other capsuleer?'

'Well, therein lies the real brilliance. A solution that would not have occurred to anyone with a less daring way of thinking.' Hegomir announced with his usual bravado fully returned. 'You will both have to interface with a living Sleeper Drone.'


  1. Oh I like where this is going. A WH fight is on its way and they need to capture a sleeper - this will be a lot of fun. Mind if they are joined by a hapless Gallente recruit who turns the tide for them since revenge is his? ;-)

  2. Get your tickets for the show while the outcome is still in flux :)