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20 Dec 2012

OOC Entry 63 - Me Offline

So last weekend I didn't manage to continue my latest story and I have been quiet since then. The reasons for that are that a friend of mine gave a goodbye party before leaving for a year, that my partner will be leaving to see family during the Christmas holidays and we decided to spend some quality time before we are separated for a month, and that I have been deployed in a university datacentre in a foreign country together with five men where I've been working 12 hour days the whole week now.

I wasn't even able to read blogs or any EVE related news. I tried listening to a podcast but I fell asleep almost instantly and dreamed about braiding network cables into my hair.

Well, at last my dreams were pretty subdued compared to what I usually wake up from.

But the weekend starts tomorrow. Work is very likely to be finished ahead of schedule, and I have collected enough overtime to extend the upcoming two holiday weekends despite having previously used up all my free days for the year.

I will certainly get back to writing stories again this coming weekend. In fact, I have come to the decision that this 20th story will become the longest of them all. I will try to work all major "guest stars" into it, so if people have some favorite character from the supporting cast, chances are you'll see him or her back.

At least that is my plan.

And flying some spaceships too.

As a matter of fact I will be doing a lot of flying because it looks like it's moving time again for me.

More on that another time.

Happy holiday season.

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