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24 Dec 2012

OOC Entry 64 - Getting on with it

Like I said, the holiday weekend will give me time to write some more. The second chapter of Engineering Peace will mostly deal with setting the stage. Hegomir Torstan has an idea that could offer him a way out of his situation while the opponents of Awakened Industries do no sit idle either and an old antagonist returns to the story.

I have already started to write the next episode which will bring in other people from the supporting cast. Since this will most likely become a rather long story - my longest to date - it will take some time to build up to it's final act, but I will try my best to keep it interesting and engaging throughout that phase.

As usual, I am not exactly sure how it is going to end, but I know a few things I want to happen, and I sure can tell you that it will be dramatic :)

Speaking of dramatic, the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest is drawing to a close and I am really excited who the winners will be. While I am quite happy with my entry I don't really expect to win anything. There are just too many other good stories.

In the meantime another small contest has opened and I hope I can find the time to write something for that one too. The reward isn't going to be anything exciting, but I just like to take every opportunity to expand the EVE online universe with new fiction.

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