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9 Dec 2012

Engineering Peace - Part 4

Today you invested in the last share I have – my life. I owe you dividends for that.

So I'm going to tell you how it came to this, like you asked me to.

When you appeared on my ship with that Matari woman back when we first met, my instincts told me that something was wrong with the whole deal. I saw how that Amarr official looked at her and when you took Keram Themas I got the distinct impression that there was some smallprint in the contract which I must have missed.

So I started investigating.

First I found out who you are. Then I found out who she is. I had to call in some of the last favours people owed me and burned through quite some ISK, but in the end I found out what the connection between her and Keram Themas is.

So it seemed as if the Amarrians want him like the last item on a fire sale. I reckoned if I found out why, I could maybe give them what they wanted.

For a price of course.

So I went to the Empire and looked for leads, but everywhere I went I got sent away like a merchant with spoiled goods. The only thing my investigations yielded was the name Mikkai Aluvetti, so I went back to Minmatar space to look for him, because that's where my informant said he would be.

He was an easy mark. Some drinks, a revealing dress, a bit of cheap flattery and I had him bought. He even took the sedative voluntarily when I told him it's an aphrodisiac drug from a Serpentis pleasure hub.

When I had him in a deep sleep, I went through his records and I got back to you. I found some really interesting things there about a fake deal he had set up with an Amarr agent in the Intaki Syndicate. I spent some more ISK and did some more digging and it turns out that a whole base there got scuttled. A base that had been financed by the Ministry for Internal Order.

Always follow the money – my former CEO had taught me – and when I did I found out that the Intaki forget quickly about confidence and secrecy if they are not paid anymore. So piece by piece I put together the whole portfolio. After some time I had the names of all parties involved. All of the Awakened Industries capsuleers, the operatives of the Ministry, I even got my hands on some station logs which told me how the base got destroyed.

Finally I knew why the Amarr official looked at that Matari woman like he did. He knew who she belongs to. I also understood then why the Amarr wanted Keram Themas. Or rather, who they really wanted. That other Amarrian. The girl who is officially dead. She was in Aluvetti's records too.

At that point I had something I could sell to the Amarrians.

Through Aluvetti's records I knew that Awakened Industries brought out regular shipments of exotic stuff from their wormhole. Things I had never seen before. Fullerene compounds, something about Sleepers and other advanced technology. That knowledge I intended to sell to the Ministry for Internal Order so they could get their agents on the job. Maybe stow away a beacon or even an intrusion team on one of the haulers when they went back filled with ice isotopes.

No idea. I'm a businesswoman not a secret agent.

Only the deal went horribly bust.

I came there thinking I could earn enough ISK to get myself back in the market. Instead they took everything from me.

After I did my sales pitch, they brought me on that ship you intercepted. At first I was told that I would meet someone more important for a personal interview, but when they restrained me and showed me a recording of my crew being put to death and told me that all my assets had been impounded, I realized that it was actually a rendition flight.

They gave me some drugs, so I have no idea how far we traveled and for how long. When I woke up I found myself here on your ship.

Like I said, you bought yourself the last thing I still have: My life. I wouldn't lie to you at this point. You are Caldari, like me, you must understand that.

Kassina Vikkonen looked at Tomoe Sairinen with an unmoving expression for a while afther the other woman had finished her confession. Finally Kassina nodded slowly. 'I've been contracted to deliver you to Awakened Industries.' she informed Tomoe. 'I have no idea what they will do with you, and I don't care. They don't pay me for caring.' she shrugged. 'But since you say I own your life, let's say I just sold it to the highest bidder.'


When the comm-signal came in, Arrakh's personal bodyguards woke up before he did. Both women looked at each other for a moment across the snoring man lying in the bed between them, then one of the Brutor guards shoved her commander.

Arrakh woke up with a start and tattoos flared up on his dark-skinned face. 'What?!' he roared with a mixture of anger and confusion. Wordlessly one of the women pointed at the flashing bedside console.

Grumbling the Matari fleet commander hit the activation key to respond. 'What is it this time.' he growled menacingly.

'Commander Arrakh. Sir.' he recognized the voice of one of the men who were on scout duty. 'We are tracking a Yanissari fleet two systems down the chain from your position.'

Arrakh stroked his bearded chin and clenched the muscles in his strong jaw before replying. 'Are they coming our way?'

'Negative' the scout replied. 'They found the exit leading our way but they ignored it.' Not wanting to test his commander's patience he continued immediately. 'According to our analysis, this system has a static exit to a class five wormhole. We have eyes on them. They are jumping carriers through back and forth. So far they have collapsed three wormholes and looked for new ones while we were observing them.'

Arrakh narrowed his dark eyes and brushed some errand strands of long hair out of his face. 'They are looking for a specific system.' He concluded. 'Stay with them and keep me informed.' Then he cut the connection.

'Girls.' he addressed his bodyguards while he stepped out of bed and stretched his naked body languidly. 'Get to the bridge and tell the officer on deck to make the ship combat ready.' He started walking to the door without bothering to get dressed. 'I'll be in my pod and we'll be moving in fifteen.'

Both women saluted. Then they began to pick up their clothes, which lay scattered around the bed, and dressed hastily.

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